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Vector-borne diseases are transmitted to humans by insects. 


Eastern Equine Encephalitis

You are more likely to be hit by lightening than to contract EEE.

Learn more about the symptoms and causes of EEE.

Spraying insecticides by air
Health effects
associated with aerial spraying.

Cancer and pesticides.

Does spraying work?

Lyme Disease
Lyme is a serious disease that affects thousands of Massachusetts residents.

In 2005 there were 2336 cases of Lyme disease in Massachusetts. Click here for the symptoms and treatment of Lyme disease.

West Nile Virus
Click to learn about the symptoms and treatment of West Nile Virus.
Learn about the different kinds of mosquitoes and how to protect yourself.

Click here for information on deer ticks, dog ticks, and the diseases they carry.




The deer tick is also known as the black-legged tick.

You may also hear it called the bear tick. They are all the same tick!

The scientific name is Ixodes scapularis.