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Looking for a place where your kids can let off steam? Take a look to see if one of these many playgrounds and recreation areas is near by

Allerton Street Playground
Corner of Allerton and Sever Streets
This is a small neighborhood playground that has a new play structure area. There is also an open play field for small children. Parking is limited.

Avery Memorial Playground
43 Nook Road
The facilities at this field include a collegiate size basketball court and a junior league baseball field.

Bartlett Hall — Manomet Youth Center
659 State Road (corner of State and Bartlett Roads)
Activities and programs for kids ages 8 thru high school. The Center has a large game room and offers floor hockey, indoor soccer, basketball, and a summer baseball program. Open school days from 2:30 pm to 9:00 pm, Saturdays, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and during school vacations from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Registration is free. Additional information is available by contacting 508-224-3359.

Briggs Playground
838 State Road (opposite the Manomet Fire Station)
Facilities include a junior league baseball field and two tennis courts.

Brook Road Playground
13 Brook Road
A basketball court, a junior league baseball field and a new play structure area. Parking is limited.

Elmer Raymond Park
1138 Long Pond Road
Facilities include a combination 90' and 60' baseball field, soccer field, two tennis courts, basketball court, play structure area, and nature trail.

Emerson Field
48 White Horse Road
A junior league baseball field and two tennis courts.

Forges Field Recreation Area
83 Jordan Road
Two senior size soccer fields, 90' baseball field, adult softball field, football practice field, football game field, two junior league baseball fields, large play structure area, and paved walkingpaths.

Holmes Playground
Corner of Summer and Newfield Streets
This playground has two very popular facilities, a basketball court and a skatepark. The walking path along Town Brook passes this playground near the herring run and continues past the dam. Parking is limited.

Huntley Playground
97 Lake Drive
This small neighborhood playground has a newer play structure. Parking is limited.

Manomet Recreation Area
1197 State Road (next to the Indian Brook Elementary School)
Three junior league baseball fields, a youth softball field and a large play structure area.

Nelson Memorial Park
Corner of Nelson and Water Streets, downtown
This very popular recreational area has a large play structure area, picnic tables, multi-use field, restrooms / concession facility, sandy beach area, parking lot, unimproved small boat launch area, and boasts a beautiful scenic view of Plymouth Harbor.

Siever Field
Entrances on Standish Ave. and Liberty St. in downtown Plymouth
A 90' baseball field, basketball court, playground equipment, and off-street parking.

Sirrico Memorial Playground
South Street (opposite 71 South Street)
Facilities at this neighborhood playground include a basketball court and a new play structure area. Parking is limited.

Stephens Field
132R Sandwich Street
Located on Plymouth Harbor, this seven-acre facility includes a large play structure, a junior league/softball field, four tennis courts, basketball court, picnic tables, restroom/concession building, unimproved small boat launch area, and parking lot.

Town Brook Nature Trail
From Brewster Gardens on the waterfront to Holmes Playground
This trail was originally a portion of a Native American path (Namassakeeset Trail) that followed Town Brook. This bountiful stream became the life thread of the Pilgrims from the very earliest days of their arrival on the Mayflower. Several dams were built along the brook's mile and one-half course to harness the water power to drive machines that produced anchors, tacks, nails, shovels, and textiles over a period of more than two hundred years. Fish ladders were built at every dam to allow the passage of herring to Billington Sea to spawn and then return to the ocean.

West Plymouth Recreation Area
154 South Meadow Road
This facility was opened in 2000 and includes two soccer fields (one junior size and one senior size) and a junior league baseball field. A large play structure area was installed during 2001.

Veteran's Memorial Field
Standish Ave., near Cherry St. in North Plymouth
This two-acre playground includes tennis, basketball and street hockey courts and a new play structure area. Parking is limited.